Traveling is great, but traveling with pets is amazing. Zach and Sarah share stories of their experience and basic tips and guidance for how to best travel with your pet.

For all travel, be sure to consider age, health, and personality of your pet, as this should directly affect how often and how you travel with your pet. Comfort of the pet should be considered, and if you find that your loved one would be more comfortable with a pet sitter or at a pet day care, consider this option. If you do travel with your pet, be sure to slowly adapt them to the experience. If going by car or RV, start with short, easy trips, and work up to longer trips. Don’t forget the potty breaks!

For traveling by air, check your airline requirements, make sure the carrier your pet travels in is comfortable, and listen to Zach and Sarah share a bit of their personal experience with airline travel that could be useful on your next trip!

Rules change based on if your dog is a service dog or traveling as a pet, so be sure to understand which category your pet is in!

Traveling abroad? Be ready for paperwork, vet visits, and a trip to the USDA. Zach and Sarah walk through their experience and what they learned.

Interesting news for pet travelers, the airport at JFK has introduced ARK, which has equine, aviary, veterinary and grooming offerings. The goal is to make airline travel easier, more comfortable, and less stressful for pets and owners.

Wishing to travel more but worried about pet friendly housing or the costs? There are resources where you can travel and either house sit or pet sit in various locations around the world.

Check out TrustedHousesitters and if you use this service or a similar service, let us know what the experience is like!