Rhode Island Polo, coffee, and beer, plus how do you strengthen a relationship when you are traveling all the time, doesn’t that usually add tension? These are some of the topics covered this week, as we discuss our time in Rhode Island and are joined by Annabelle and Christian from Swept Together Podcast for one of our favorite interviews.

Rhode Island has been an amazing state to visit so far, with only one week, this has become one of my favorite stops. Rhode Island has a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Everyone we have run into has been friendly (unless you count drive through workers) and welcoming, to both us and our dog.

Our very first day we drove just a few minutes to Newport Polo and watched our very first Polo Match. If you have never gone to a polo match, it is highly recommended. We drove into Rhode Island, escaping rain in Connecticut, and were welcomed by cool breezes, sunny skies, and perfect temperature.

We decided very last minute to check out the match, we had exactly enough time from when Zach proposed we go to change, grab drinks for a cooler. and have a few minutes to set-up and explore before the match began. The environment there was very festive, but in a laid-back sense. Most were in groups, everyone had coolers, and some even had tents and tables for a thorough tailgating type of experience (actually, they gave out a prize for a group that “had the most fun tailgating party”).

We set-up in a great spot, and really enjoyed our time watching the match and drinking a few local brews. Newport even won, so we felt celebratory, even though we are not even close to being local.

If you are ever near Newport Rhode Island, we highly recommend you go to experience the culture. You do not have to buy tickets in advance (we didn’t) but you can buy tickets and learn more online.

Speaking of culture, we were told by several people to check out the Gilded Age Mansions in Newport. We did a drive-by tour one night, and we have walked along the Cliff Walk and it was definitely a good suggestion. These mansions are breathtaking. I hope, in our remaining week here, to check out one or two of the official tours before we leave, but even just going by the neighborhood by foot, bike, or car will allow you to see quite a lot. Taking the Cliff Walk, will send you right behind many of the mansions.

Getting through a week without coffee is something I am still mastering. I’ve mostly switched to tea, although I’m not really sure if there is much of a benefit if any. Even with reducing my coffee intake, I still love checking out local coffee shops, so this past week we went to Coastal Roasters and worked at one of their outside tables for a couple of hours. I loved everything about this coffee shop. The people behind the counter were friendly and really seemed to enjoy the day (which was beautiful), they had great music playing, and amazing coffee. I had their peanut butter and honey latte, and I might be a little obsessed. If I can convince the husband, I will be back several times this coming week.

For several episodes, our podcast had a common theme, where to find good BBQ and where to find good Beer in whatever location that week found us in. Unfortunately, we are a bit north for amazing BBQ, it can be found, but it is almost always a style from another state. Yes, the sea food more than makes up for it, but we have taken to trying to cook more at home for the next few weeks.

Beer however, we have managed to experience quite a sampling of Rhode Island beers in our very short time here. I have loved seeing how much the craft brew scene has grown in the last several years. Once upon a time, I was mainly a wine drinker, but I almost never choose wine now, I want to try the local brews! I am sure this will change depending on location, but for now, here are the ones we have sampled so far:

– Rhode Trip ft. Galaxy, from Newport Storm Brewery
– A sample tray from Coddington Brewery (maybe it is the food we ordered, but if you eat there, we recommend sticking to appetizers).
– Queen of the Yahd, from Foolproof Brewing Company
– YPA (Yellow Pale Ale), from Hanging Hills Brewing Co (actually from Hartford CT, but since it was a try on our first day in Rhode – Island, and we had just left Connecticut, I’m including it here.)
– Flying Jenny, from Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island

Interviewing fellow travelers has been a journey in itself. We have had the opportunity to interview two fellow RV couples, which has been so rewarding. We have been able to see a new perspective, but also learn and hear that some of our experiences our universal, which can be very reassuring.

Annabelle and Christian have been living the full-time RV life for several months now, and were passionate about travel before they made this move, and before they even met. Perhaps that is part of why they have the strong bond that shines through when talking to them.

I love finding out how people make decisions and steps to live their best life. To be passionate and content, you have to decide what your priorities are and then align your life to those. Zach and I have been discussing some of how to do this in travel, but the same can be applied to relationships.

Christian and Annabelle are entrepreneurial travel-lovers living in a 36 foot RV named Gulliver. On their podcast, Swept Together, they attempt to uncover the secrets to a happy modern romance by documenting their own adventures on a year-long US road trip and by interviewing other thriving, adventurous couples. Annabelle also helps creative adventurers preserve the memories of their travels through film with her video editing business, Evergreen Lane Productions, which she runs from the road.

Be sure to check out their website and podcast.

Annabelle has also put together a free resource for how to take better videos with just your phone.

If you want to follow them on Instagram (which you should).

Books mentioned by Annabelle and Christian

Gary Chapman’s series on the love languages are quite beneficial to learning how different people respond to the many ways that we express love. He has a book targeted to couples, but also to singles, parents, and how to apply in the workplace. If you have never read one of his books, I highly recommend it.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman (for couples)

For Singles:

The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition: The Secret that Will Revolutionize Your Relationships

For Parents (children and teenagers):

The 5 Love Languages of Children: The Secret to Loving Children Effectively

The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers: The Secret to Loving Teens Effectively

Dr. John Gottman is a professor emeritus in psychology, with many decades of research and study on relationships. He has many books that therapists will use to help couples, families, and individuals improve their relationships.

A couple of suggestions:

The Relationship Cure (A key point in this book is being aware of and receptive to the many types of bids your partner makes)

What Makes Love Last