Zach and Sarah talk about the first few days of their New England tour starting with Connecticut. This week’s guest is Tanner of Brew Chatt. He joins the show to tell us all about what Chattanooga, TN has to offer. Covering everything from hiking, beer, food, and entertainment, this is an episode you do not want to miss if you are planning a trip to Chattanooga, TN.

What do to in Chattanooga

Southern Brewers Fest
Chattanooga Sunday Market
Library Recording Studio

Stringer’s Ridge
Middle Creek Trail – where Signal and Suck Creek mountain meet. Rough hiking in a valley. Boulders the size of houses.
Fiery Gizzard Trail – Jasper, TN

William’s Island – may be private property, has cows and farm equipment, kinda creepy
MaClellan Island – under veterans bridge

Il Primo – Italian
Hutton and Smith – Tanner’s personal favorite beer in , no food but you can bring your own, Climbing and Geology themed beer names
Oddstory Brewing – snacks, food, brewery
Feed Co Table & Tavern – Ale House, tons of taps, point system for drinking, good brunch too, restaurant side and bar size, patio, Danimal Planet plays there every Sunday
Brewhaus – Food and Beer, German fusion, Saturday and Sunday brunch


Rope Gun Rye


Chatter Box Cafe – farm to table BBQ
Food Works – brunch, get a reservation
Flying Squirrel – food is amazing but they may have it out for Tanner


Comedy Catch
EPB Fiber
Songbirds Guitar Museum

Brew Chatt





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