Recording from the middle of Amish Country in Lancaster County PA, Zach and Sarah talk about their campgrounds of choice in the local area, as well as some of the touristy things to experience.

Their guest is the founder and former CEO of American Home Life International, and Sarah’s Grandmother, Ruth Powers. Ruth is a wealth of experience on what is it like to take a chance and pursue your passions and dreams. She combined her passion for people, ministry, and travel, to create a non-profit that has helped over 13,000 students find safe, welcoming, and nurturing homes allowing them to study abroad in the US.

Learn more about American Home Life International:

Where Zach and Sarah typically stay when visiting:

Another good choice of campground:

Visit Kitchen Kettle Village for locally made art, quilts, jams and jellies, baked goods, and other souvenirs:

Onsen (Japanese hot spring bath):