On this episode, Zach and Sarah talk about their brief visit in St. Louis, MO, including their tourist activities and food and beer tastings.

They also interview Beth Pickhard – an avid cyclist and beer taster. Beth is on a self-stated mission to explore the world by bicycle, and sample beer along the way.

About the Guest
She has a blog, Brew City Biker, which covers craft beer, biking, and travel. She recently returned from a 5-month trip to Southeast Asia, Netherlands and Belgium where she cycle toured in 11 countries, crossed 7 borders by bike and rode 4,300 miles. Her highlights from the last five months include high-fiving children in Laos, drinking Belgian beer while being hosted by Belgians, watching professional bike racing in Europe, eating and learning how to make Asian food, celebrating her birthday in Amsterdam and snorkeling coral reefs in Thailand.

Beth works for Backroads Active Travel, leading biking tours, and her placement there has her living in various states in the US during the year. She will be stationed in Glacier National Park, Montana for the summer, but before her term starts, Beth is planning to drive to Alaska for a week of exploring.

To follow along on Beth’s adventures, subscribe to her blog Brew City Biker, follow her on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.

Websites Mentioned
A resource Beth mentioned for helping to find great prices on flights: theflightdeal.com

She also mentioned planning her bike tour using Crazy Guy on a Bike.

The company Beth is working for – Backroads Active Travel

St. Louis Highlights
Provel Cheese – Has it’s roots in St. Louis cuisine.

Imo’s Pizza

Kristin Chenoweth concert

If you are planning a trip to St. Louis and wish to visit the Arch, be sure to buy tickets online before your arrival. We actually were turned away the first day we attempted to visit, the ticket taker told us they tend to sell out by noon. Be sure to get your National Park Passport stamp as well!